A true leader establishes a clear vision, provides the tools needed, and thinks creatively in difficult situations. A leader builds a culture that inspires your team while coordinating and balancing the conflicting interests of all team members

The reason most small businesses do not hit their revenue goals is because of a leadership malfunction.  We don’t need to tell you how crucial sales is to your company, and as such, your sales manager is one of the most valuable leaders in your organization. The responsibility to hire, train, and manage in a way that results in a return on your sales and marketing investment is solely on their shoulders. Many business owners and sales managers like to blame lost sales on a poor hiring decision or a lack of technology. They will let go of a capable, hard-working sales professional who was following “the plan,” hire another similar employee (perhaps at a higher salary), and continue the same foolish cycle all over again, never stopping to consider their role in the sales failures.

More often than not, sales managers and business owners have actually made good hiring decisions, but there is a breakdown when it comes to building and sharing a vision-based strategy with the sales team.  If your employees are executing the plan they were given but are not getting results, should you be patient to see if things work out next year? No. Should you let go of them and hire someone else, with similar credentials? NO.  Continuing to invest money in a strategy that is not producing results is a waste. You will end up with a trail of burned bridges and burnt out salespeople, and a pile of squandered money and resources. It is time to come up with a strategy that communicates your vision to your sales team while showing them how to steer the course.  Spending money and coaching to specific behaviors and sales techniques are not the beginning of sales success. A revolving door of salespeople is not a good choice either. A change in leadership—starting with your vision— is the only answer.

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